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Maxfield Parrish
Feature Artist...
(1870-1966) American
Great Quote: "... if a picture does not tell its own
story, it's better to have the story without the
Best known for: His use of a deep blue. In fact, it
became so associated with his work that it is
still called "Maxfield Parrish Blue"
This is the most widely reproduced painting in the world (Even more than the Mona Lisa!)
His Life: As a child, Parrish and his father spent
their summers touring all of the major
museums in Europe. These trips increased
his skills and built a wonderful relationship
with his father.
         At 25 Harper's Magazine
commisioned a magazine cover from
Parrish.This was the first of many to come.
And, at 25 Parrish married Lydia Austin
(one of his beautiful and talented
instructers at the Drexel Institute). Together
they had four children.
He bought a small one bedroom cabin
which he affectionatly called The Oaks.
Over his lifetime this small cabin increased
to a 20 room cabin with a 15 room studio
near by.
In 1905 Parrish hired Susan Lewin, a 16
year old, to take care of the children and to
help with house work. As time went on
Susan became his model (Daybreak,
Garden of Allah, and many others) and
In the 1920's Parrish and Susan moved
into his studio and lived together for 55
years. Lydia went about her life with a
companion of her own until her death in
Besides his colbot blue Parrish became
known for his many paintings of women in
beautiful outdoor scenes. In the 1930's
Parrish declared, "I'm done with girls on
rocks!" After that he began to paint mainly
landscapes for his own enjoyment.
Parrish lived in fear of scandal so he
never divorced Lydia or married Susan,
even after Lydia's death. In 1960 Susan,71,
left Parrish ,90, to marry her childhood

A page from Parrish's college chemistry notebook, 1891
Scribner's Magazine  Cover for October,1897
Front and back of Scribner's Magazine for December, 1899.
Both done by Parrish.
Reluctant Dragon, 1990