Bouguereau cont...
Going to the Well, 1893
Abduction of Psyche, 1894
Bouguereau at work
in his studio
Childhood Idyll, 1900
Virgin with Angels, 1900
Madonna of the Roses, 1903
Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau
In the Woods, 1889
Soap Bubbles
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Claude Monet
Maxfield Parrish
American (1837- 1922)
Elizabeth grew up in Exeter, New Hampshire but had moved to Paris. She was living with a friend next door to Bougereau when they fell in love.

However, they were not married right away because of strong family objections. Bougereau's daugter (from his first marriage) threatened to enter a convent, his mother (who ran the household) also disaproved.

In 1879, Elizabeth and Bouguereau became secretly engaged. He gave her his self portrait (featured on the first page) as a token of his love.

In 1896, Bouguereau's mother died. After a respectable amount of time the two were married and spend a wonderful honeymoon in Italy.